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We welcome groups from 2 to 48 people for tea tours and 4 to 32 for lunch tours. All tours are an integrated package which includes admission, farm and cottage industry tour and a meal. If you would like to book a tour, please contact us with the number of people and we will quote you an overall price for the group (we do not charge on a per person basis). The more accurately you report group numbers, the less the average cost per head will be on the day, so please have your group organised before finalising your booking.

Our prices are among the lowest in the industry. For example, a tea tour for 10, or a lunch tour for 5, can cost only around $100, if you can give us an exact group size.

We take time away from our regular work to conduct tours, which require a great deal of planning, preparation and considerable catering expenses. Final numbers for all tours, therefore, must be reported to us before the event, as follows:

Tea tours (10.30am or 3pm)
Small groups (2 to 8 people): at least 24 hours prior.
Large groups (9 to 44 people): at least 7 days prior.

Lunch tours (12.30pm)
All groups: at least 7 days prior.

Once final numbers have been reported and we have given you a quote, the full quoted amount will be charged on the day, regardless of the number in attendance.
For tea groups larger than 16 and lunch groups larger than 8, a 50% deposit is required at the time of booking to cover catering expenses. This deposit is only refundable if we choose to cancel the visit (e.g. in the event of extreme weather conditions).

* Special dietary requirements (e.g. gluten free, vegan, lactose free) incur an additional fee. Let us know the requirements for the group and this will be included in your quote.
* If you add people to your group after we have quoted you a final price, each additional person will incur a charge of $10 for a morning tea tour, or $20 for a lunch tour, subject to availability.
* We are a commercial farm with pre-planned work schedules. We are not available to greet unexpected visitors and do not accept same day bookings.
* Tour organisers, it is up to you to ensure final numbers reported to us are accurate. To minimise the average cost per head for your group, we suggest you set strict payment deadlines and have a waitlist to fill any empty places. 
* Please plan your visit so as to arrive within 10 minutes of our advertised tour starting time. We work to very tight schedules, which are seriously disrupted by very early or very late arrival.
* Payment must be made as a lump sum. If members of your group wish to pay individually, please collect payment from them beforehand. We accept cash, cheque or bank transfer on the day, or can invoice your group after the event.
* During times of heavy demand (e.g. school and public holidays), it is advisable to book at least a week in advance for all tours.
* In the event of extreme weather conditions, we will determine whether a tour should be cancelled, giving organisers as much notice as possible.

Please use this map to find us. The new road system on Harwood has not yet been mapped by Google or GPS providers.Do not follow your GPS as it will almost certainly get you lost!!
If you are coming from the north, please use the southbound exit lane from the M1 as shown on the map.
If you are coming from the south, you will need to exit the M1 at the Yamba interchange and then follow the signs for Harwood (Ballina), which will take you across the old bridge. Once you are on Harwood Island, turn right at the sign for the Sugar Refinery, as shown on the map.

* Talks on farm history and alpaca and llama husbandry.
* A 'meet and feed the animals' session with photo opportunities.
* A hands-on demonstration of fleece processing.
* A display of our cottage industry products (including alpaca fleece and yarn items and
gourmet jams, jellies and chutneys) for inspection and purchase.
* Refreshments (as detailed below).

Homemade Devonshire-style scones with jam and cream, with a selection from: homemade lamingtons, patty cakes, pecan slice or Chelsea buns.

LUNCH MENU (choose one option for your group; individual choices are not available)
Option 1 (for large or small groups, 4 to 32 people):
Choice of hot soups and a bread roll, plus a selection of tasty sandwiches
Option 2 (for large or small groups, 4 to 32 people):
Cold chicken and seasoning, mini quiches, selection of salads
Option 3 (for small groups, 4 to 8 people, only):
Hot home-made pizza with roast potato wedges and Greek salad
Option 4 (for small groups, 4 to 8 people, only):
Hot roast dinner (choose one only for the entire group: chicken or beef or lamb) with roast potato and pumpkin, gravy and seasonal vegetables
Option 5 (for small groups, 4 to 8 people, only):
Hot pie (choose one only for the entire group: chicken and asparagus or steak and mushroom) with roast potato and pumpkin, gravy and seasonal vegetables
*Trifle or home-made ice cream dessert, tea, coffee, and/or home-made squash served with all meals*

Looking for a peaceful, pleasant location for that special event, group outing, Christmas/birthday get–together or family day? Let us do the catering while you picnic and party with the pacas! Call us.

We have both powered and unpowered sites available to suit tent, motor home and caravan/trailer campers. Our regular tours are available to campers, along with evening meals, lunches, breakfasts and equipment hire. For insurance reasons, all bookings must be made through Hipcamp. Please see our Hipcamp site for further details.

   Do you cater for all ages?
We welcome visitors of any age, but the full experience we offer is more suited to adults and older children (10+). We are a working farm, not a zoo or theme park. Our alpacas and llamas are friendly, but they are not pets. For safety reasons, we limit the number of young children (under 6) in any group to eight.
   Do you cater for people on special diets?
Yes. If you have special dietary requirements (e.g. vegetarian, vegan, gluten free), we will do our best to accommodate your needs, for a small extra charge. Please discuss this with us when booking.  
   When is the best time of year to visit?
Although we welcome visitors all year round, we recommend autumn and winter months as the weather is more pleasant and the alpacas are more attractive in their cold weather fleece.  
   Can I just turn up any time?
No. Visits are by appointment ONLY, and you must book at least 24 hours in advance. During busy holiday periods, in particular, we are often booked out weeks ahead.  
   I booked my visit; why is your gate closed?
This is a livestock farm. If there are animals in the paddock the gate must be kept closed. A closed gate does not mean we are closed for business.  
   What happens if it is raining on the day of my visit?
We have under-cover facilities for meals and most of the tour.In the event of very unfavourable conditions or heavy rain, we will contact you if it is necessary to cancel.  
   Do you accept credit cards?
We can process cards via computer, but we prefer cash, cheque or bank transfer, as otherwise we have to charge you a 5% processing fee. We do not currently have an EFTPOS facility.  
   Do you cater for people with disabilities?
Yes, we have a lot of disabled visitors. Our grounds and farm shop are wheelchair-friendly.  
   Are toilet facilities available?
Yes, at ground level.