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Come and visit us. You're welcome!
* Morning tea tours

* Afternoon tea tours

* Lunch tours

* Powered and unpowered campsites

... available seven days a week BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.

Please see our Visits page for details.

Who are we and what do we do?
Cardiff alpacas is a genuine commercial farm and cottage industry that welcomes visitors. Our animals are real farm animals in natural surroundings. We are NOT a cafe, shop, theme park or petting zoo masquerading as a farm.
When you visit us you pay a single admission fee which includes a farm tour, animal feeding and a meal, in pleasant, tranquil surroundings. There are no hidden costs: we do not charge extra for animal food, animal petting or anything else, unless you choose to buy something from our shop.
Every tour includes a traditional home-cooked morning/afternoon tea or lunch at no extra cost. We DO NOT provide trendy, pretentious, overpriced food that leaves your stomach as empty as your wallet.
We are delighted to welcome visitors, but because we are a busy working farm, you must book your tour well in advance (see our Visits page). Sorry, we cannot accept same-day bookings or people who just turn up to “have a look”. This is our home; please respect our privacy.

What we offer
* Meet the natives
Our alpacas and llamas love visitors (especially visitors bearing food)!

* Feed the natives
Get up close and personal with Hannah, Juliet, Smudge, Simon,Moreton, Sam, Spotto, Aladdin, Otto and the rest of the crew.
* Feed yourself
Enjoy our popular home-cooked Devonshire tea or two course lunch
Refreshments are served as part of every tour.
* Enjoy a learning experience and get involved
Find out about alpaca husbandry, the history of our farm and get real hands-on experience of alpaca fleece processing.
We are happy to give talks and demonstrations depending on the age range and interests of the group.
* See what we produce
Inspect the variety of alpaca products we manufacture as part of our cottage industry.
Our small gift shop showcases items for sale or order. Also check out our range of home-made jams, jellies and chutneys. A wide variety for sale, including our Devonshire-style strawberry jam, all containing locally-produced ingredients.
* Want more?
We're not just about alpacas and alpaca products. Click the link below to see what else we have to offer ...

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