Cardiff Alpacas
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Cardiff alpacas is a family-run farm situated on Harwood Island in the picturesque Clarence Valley of northern New South Wales.

On our 57 hectare property we also graze horses and grow sugarcane and soy beans.

If you have ever shopped for alpaca products, you will know how expensive they can be. At Cardiff Alpacas we aim to make the goods we sell more affordable by manufacturing from our own fleece and marketing direct to the public.

When you purchase Cardiff Alpaca products you can be assured they come from well cared for, contented animals that live out their lives in natural, free-range surroundings and graze on high quality improved pastures. Our alpacas are raised solely for their fleece. They are never slaughtered.

Alpaca stud, farm and on-line shop: Natural products for a sustainable future.
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