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Alpacas are highly intelligent creatures and as such have their own personalities and idiosyncrasies. This is certainly true for our herd, which we presently have broken up into two groups. Jericho, as the youngest male, is in charge of (or rather, bossed around by) four females. Galaxy has the unenviable job of trying to stay in the good graces of all the other girls.



Our youngest male, Jericho, is a dreamer. He is by far our wooliest alpaca, and is sweet-tempered and friendly. He can often be found a little away from the herd, sunning himself or looking off into the distance. It might seem like he’s not paying attention, but rattle the feed bucket and he’ll be there faster than you can say ‘dinner time!’



Topaz is one of our older alpacas, and fancies Princess’s place as reigning chieftain of the clan. Topaz will pick a fight with any of the alpacas to cement her superiority, but has a particularly antagonistic relationship with Galaxy. Fortunately Topaz is kept with Jericho’s group, who are all in a different paddock. A different paddock with no easy line of sight between the two!



Galaxy is our oldest male and easily recognisable because of his wrinkly nose, which makes him look perpetually cranky. He is our most headstrong alpaca, and is frequently seen strutting up and down the fence, making sure that Jericho is nowhere in sight. He likes to think he’s in charge, but Princess often brings him back to reality by spitting at him whenever he gets too close.



Anya is our youngest girl; she is much smaller than the other alpacas and has a much finer fleece. She is tremendously woolly and can often be seen walking around with bits of twigs and leaves sticking out every which way. Fortunately she’s also very friendly and doesn’t mind us grooming her… as long as we have a food bucket nearby. She’s also extremely feisty, and quick to spit at the older alpacas if she feels they’re getting between her and whatever it is she wants.



Juliet is easy to pick out of the herd because of her fine facial features. She has a thin face, big eyes and long, luxurious eyelashes. She’s also quite shy, but curious about everything, never straying far from the action but always staying just a little out of reach.



Dumpty is so called because she’s small and quite round, and very, VERY fond of her food. She is also incredibly friendly and sweet, she will come up to you even if you have no food in hand, and doesn’t mind being patted and scratched behind the ears.


Hannah (AKA White and Clean):
Definitely our cleanest alpaca. While not entirely averse to decadent dust wallowing behaviour, she is very lady-like and always seems to be several shades whiter than any of her peers.


Felicity (AKA Bluey and One-eye):

Our biggest girl, but quite gentle and tractable despite her size. She acquired her nicknames as a result of contracting conjunctivitis in her right eye, which required regular applications of bright blue terramycin spray. 



RIP 11/1/2015

Approaching 14 years old, Princess was our oldest alpaca and the matriarch of the herd. She kept the younger alpacas in line and was quick to express her displeasure of anything we did by sitting down and refusing to budge. The other alpacas looked to her for guidance whenever we moved them to a different paddock, so we always tried very hard to stay on her good side!


The 2015 crias (AKA The Renegades)

Our first-born cria, Lilliput May, (mother: Felicity, father: Galaxy), was born in May of 2015. She is an adorable cria, and as the first alpaca born on our farm holds a special place in our hearts. From the beginning ‘Lil’, as we call her, has been friendly, easy to train with the halter and will often nibble affectionately on my shirt when we’re patting her. Her fleece is long and she’s so fluffy I sometimes can’t see her eyes for all the fleece!

Leah is a crowd favourite at Cardiff Alpacas. Her mother is Juliet and the two are rarely apart. The bond between mother and daughter is close and shows no signs of abating. Leah has an exceptionally friendly personality for an alpaca; she will often allow us to pat her in the paddock and loves her neck being rubbed. She’s very dainty and doesn’t roll in the dirt as much as the other crias, so her fleece is usually quite clean, although it has been known to have Christmas beetles in it!

Sil (real name: Leisel, mother: Hermione) had a bit of a rough start, her mother abandoned her for four days and so she was handled regularly by us. As a result she tolerates us grabbing her for halter training and allows pats quite happily. Sil is easy to spot because she nearly always has her ears back, and tends to eat sitting down, which the others rarely seem to do.

Black (real name: Leo, mother: Fleur)  is a feisty wethered male who is very intolerant of anything we try to do with him. He has his own ideas about where he wants to be, and that’s not always in the paddock with the other pacas! He has a particular aversion to halter training.

Green (real name: Luna mother: Jalanda) has by far the longest fleece of any of our pacas, in fact it is so heavy it almost looks like the dreadlocks fleece that suri alpacas produce. She also has a completely different face shape to any of the other crias, sporting a long, aristocratic muzzle. I always think of her as the rebellious teenager of the bunch as she seems to have adopted a ‘lone wolf’ philosophy.

The 2016 Crias

Misty (Mother: Ashley, Father: Jericho) is the darling of our visitors, not only because she is currently our youngest baby, but also because of her cute black points (nose, mouth and feet). Often to be seen charging across the paddock in a very determined manner. 

Max (Mother: Topaz, Father: Jericho) and Matt (Mother: Hannah, Father: Galaxy), two of our fine, handsome males have been sold as pets and gone off to Queensland to live.

Marie (Mother: Jubilee, Father: Galaxy)

Mayan (Mother: Juliet, Father: Galaxy). Wethered male. Tiny at birth, but now a big lad with a disdain for temporary fencing.

Mini (Mother: Felicity, Father: Galaxy). Wethered male.

Myrtle (Mother: Hermione, Father: Galaxy).

Matilda (Mother: Cree, Father: Jericho). Noted for her strange habit of grazing while in a sitting position.


More to come soon ...

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